Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The first!

Hi all!  I am Jen and I am super excited to join the blogging world!  I am currently a kindergarten teacher in Southern Oregon.  This next year will be my third year teaching.  I am looking forward to getting to know and learn from so many other teachers through this platform.  During my first year of teaching (I actually taught 3rd in Las Vegas), I had started a blog, but I found it so overwhelming that I quickly jumped ship.  But, now I'm back in action!  I'm excited to blog and start my own TpT store (but first I'm just practicing).

When I was first hired for kindergarten, I was SO nervous.  I had always told myself that I never ever wanted to teach kindergarten.  I was a K-8 sub, and I always dreaded subbing in kinder.  I am sooooooooo glad that I was hired for K!  They crack me up each and every day and I love seeing the growth during this age.  And, when they start misbehaving, it's much easier to just say "they're FIVE and they're LEARNING."  You can't say that about the older grades!

Here's my first go at creating a product.  I can't sell it or anything ... it has a KG font that I haven't bought a license to (I downloaded for personal use), and some clip arts that are for personal use.  However, I made it for a teacher at my school who is doing a nautical theme this next year.  Her son is in the Navy, and she loooooooooves anything and everything anchor related now.  :)

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