Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Assess Me Linky

Hey all.  I'm linking up with The Tattooed Teacher for her assess me linky.  We all love assessments, right?  Hah ... well, at least this one is a fun one!

I love fun getting to know you activities.  Well, here's mine!  You can head on over to her blog and grab yours up as well.

I don't talk to myself out loud, but I'll occasionally rehearse conversations I'm about to have, or things I want to say, in my head.  

I am so superstitious.  It's ridiculous.  I'm to the point that I feel like if I tell anyone (besides my husband) about things like an interview or something, I won't get the position.  I didn't tell anyone besides my husband about the interview I had at my school, and I got it.  I had other interviews that I told people about, and didn't get it.  Kind of silly, but I totally believe in jinxes!

I am definitely hungry.  It's 11pm and I still haven't eaten dinner.  I fell asleep on the couch and just woke up about an hour ago.  I'm not sure if I should make something or just not eat.

No TV currently.  I was trying to watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix earlier, but our AC unit is so strong that if we have it on while watching TV, it blows the fuse.  I gave up and took a nap instead.

I used to live in LA, so I had an annual pass for a few years.  I miss being able to go to Disney easily!  I just went about a month ago and am dying to go back already!!  My best friend's sister works there, so I got to reap the benefits of that and get in for free!

I grew up in Southern California and was born in LA.  I lived in LA up until two years ago.  California wasn't really hiring brand new teachers, so I applied to CCSD in Vegas and got hired.  My husband and I moved and I taught there for a year.  Then we decided to move to southern Oregon and I started teaching kinder here.  I definitely miss California!

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