Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Assess Me Linky - week 2

Hi all .. second blog post today, but I've been meaning to do the Assess Me linky from The Tattooed Teacher for a while now.  Well, here it is!

I prefer jeans for anything and everything.  I would wear them every day to work if I was able to.

Oh man, I am a CITY person.  I lived in Los Angeles for 6 years and then Las Vegas for 1 year.  Now, I live in a smaller town in southern Oregon.  My heart is definitely in Los Angeles.  I miss the vibe of it!

I am a coffee ADDICT.  I think I may need to go to a meeting for it or something.  Can anyone point me in the direction of one?

Also, I hate trains.  HATE.  When I was in 5th grade, I climbed over a train that was blocking the roadway so I could get to my mom's car.  As soon as I got to the other side, the train started moving.  I was FREAKED.  I still don't like them.

Head on over to her blog and participate!

How to save YouTube videos to your computer

As I am thinking about all the lovely YouTube videos that I want to use in my class again this next year, I am reminded that I am very lucky that my district doesn't block anything other than Facebook (and the super inappropriate sites of course).  I am also reminded that I was once one of the unlucky teachers that taught where EVERYTHING was blocked.  So many times I wished I could use a YouTube video to introduce a lesson or to follow up on something.  I absolutely love the site.  I used to just give up and say, "Oh well, I guess I just can't use it."  End of story.  Bummer!

BUT WAIT!!  Did you know that even if your district blocks YouTube, you can still use the videos?!  No, I'm not talking about getting on TeacherTube and looking for something similar.  I'm talking the actual YouTube videos.  Now, it will take some extra effort on your part, because you won't be able to just open up your preferred browser and search for the video.  You can SAVE the video to your computer (while using your home internet) and put it on your flash drive.  Then, go in to your work computer, pop that flash drive in the USB port, and open it using QuickTime.  Viola!  You now have a YouTube video at your fingertips!!

Here is the video that walks you through the whole process.  Enjoy!